BuDhaGirl Christian Prayer Bangle - Gold

Mosley Monogram

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BuDhaGirl Christian Prayer Bangle - Gold
BuDhaGirl Christian Prayer Bangle - Gold

Single bracelet - select 9 for a complete set!

Waterproof, weightless, soundless, all weather, TSA proof

Rose gold dust filament suspended in flexible, polyvinyl carbonate rings and sealed with BuDhaGirl exclusive prayer beads.

BuDhaGirl All Weather Bangles are made of polycarbonate tubing that is a semi-flexible material, so there is a little give when you slide the bangles over your hand.  This really is the key to deciding your size... how the bangles go over your hand, not the size of your wrist. 

We offer three sizes in the All Weather Bangles: 

Small   2.25''

Medium  2.44''

Large  2.55''

*These measurements are in inches and they signify the internal diameter of the bangle.* 

It is our experience that most people take a medium. 

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